Bitter-Sweet Delight

Reynaldo F. Tamayo (2001)


smiling with her pretty ribbon
is my lovely muse
always beautifil with her
enchanted smile that
only her heart can express
i can only guess
it keeps me guessing all these years
the brown eyes
the pink full lips
i almost died waiting for
even a measly kiss
ahh, that kiss
a single moment of forever
sealed in time
along with scattered spots
of lavender in the wind
just like how she wants it

"One Night Only"

every breath i take while holding
your warm body close to mine is
heaven in the starved flesh
touch that relentlessly linger
follows the slow moment of
ritualistic rhythm of intimacy
caressing almost every imaginable
corner with tactile accuracy
souls intertwined in a seemingly
unbreakable block of glowing amber
burning inside out in the flame
of unquenchable desire
exchanging fluids of dear life
like thirsty animals
devouring each graceful movement
in a cautious pace until
the final destination of paradise
calm follows the restrained shivering
then the anonymous morning
where one is just a stranger


caress the meretricious flower of purple and green
touch the sky of vast blue while
scattered blots of white are soaring
in shapes fathomable only by
unknown mathematical equations
kaleidoscope of multiple excitement
in a moment of bleak touch
flushing the concoction down
the spine distributing it forward to
various organ and sensation
filling each with a tingle of wonderful
rush in a flick
waiting for it to last
it does not last like i expect it
i will just remember it like i
remember those magical kisses
from those dreamy romantic escapades
soon i will realize that
the spell is dead
i will realize that
my senses are too numb
to the promise of bliss
my nerves are too weak to
graciously welcome the joy
by then i will probably struggle to resurrect
the elusive taste of delight
but hopefully then
i am still free from the grip
of its malignant fangs because
the contract can be binding
and the exchange devious

"Long Distance"

asking what's up
hoping that
everything is fine
fooling around
enjoying the fun
asking too much
simple invitation
complicated situation
expecting the worst
hoping the best
for life must go on

"Parental Guidance"

shelter and life
our staunch guiding principle
the very root of our breath
we look up to them like
fruits to a tree
we despise them sometimes
whenever they get in our way
whenever they stop us from
wasting away our precious lives
the light will shine
hopefully before it is too late
to realize the crooked road
we are taking


i embrace my shadow like a brother
though it may never seem to respond
bearer of my own dark persona
the dreaded twin of my oblivious soul
expressed in silhouette pixel
silently following like a puppet
but in realistic joyful journey
of self-exploration i find it true as a friend
real as real
bone as my hardest limb
however spineless it may be
it remained faithful to my breath
black as jet
mystical yet subtle as a song
i feel it calming me everytime
i look inside my barren self
senses after senses of touch and perception
clinging like an eternal
guardian with me
swinging dynamically
shifting in shades along the way
tireless and pumping with my heart
escaping only in the dark where
i believe it is face to face looking at me
waiting for my command
because i live in its world and
side by side its world lives in me
it will wake up
like a furious bomb that will
eventually explode
until then let it just fall
in somber uncertainty
deal with it later when it stir

"The Brother I Never Had"

we breathe in one
the flesh of my flesh
his blood is my life
we embrace a singular
path of lifelong destiny
i am my brother's keeper
and he is mine
together we will
the saga of our lives
exchaging parcels of energy
while creating combined schemes
of our own


starry night and silver moon
candle light and vintage wine
cool breeze and soft music
an almost perfect night of romance
too perfect to be true
but like the proverbial love it'll fade
its seemingly restless energy
will die out quietly
taking our burning hearts
in a snatch with it
the first and the last in
one short continuum

"Flooded Emotion"

rainy days
those gloomy cold days when
almost every soul wants to
shut its shivering body
in bed all day
keep the whole time lingering
in deep sleep
hugging all the means
to make the bones warm
rainy days
while the outbreak of slumber
seem irresistible
i usually go against its
raging current
i go out and embrace
the infinite droplets
like precious pearls
slowly feeling the quenching
power of each drop like
some mystical cleaning apparatus
cleansing my being
charging me with unexplained energy
reposessing life
nearly reborn

"Sedation of Innocence"

for the incurable romantic
a little backspace might help
a moment's stare at the horizon
a lungful of fresh air
a little prayer
a sleep if you can
that building dynamo inside
that streaming electricity
that rumbling momentum
of eagerness and desire
just might
lay down for a while
trick the gullible psyche
to mellow down
like a blurred dimension of
calcified emotion in a freeze
an imagined world where the
thin line of reality and fantasy
is calmly combined in
a brittle plastic canopy
that can collapse anytime
servicing the faith of volatility
the scream of bound can
be beyond any tolerance that
this solitary heart can bear
in due time
the quest for freedom will ignite
as quickly as it ceased

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